Knowing your global shareholders

Knowing your company's shareholder base is the most important tool to conducting an effective IR, Proxy Solicitation and Governance campaigns. Companies around the world have grown more concerned about shareholder activism, shareholders' view of the agenda items at the upcoming AGM/EGM, etc.

Alpha Advisory Associates will bridge the gap between your current shareholder base and public data. The Share ID will arm management with the correct decision maker for each investor, be it the portfolio manager or analyst, down to the corporate governance representative. Alpha Advisory Associates will also alert management of suspicious shareholders, who have had a history of activism.


Why is Share ID important and necessary?

A Successful Proxy Solicitation Campaign/Corporate Governance Consulting.
You will need to know who your shareholders are in order to solicit the votes, as well as project shareholders behavior toward particular agenda items.
Determine who is buying and selling your stock, and why.
This will even track the movement down to the fund level.
Monitor Activists Movements.
Helps to monitor accumulation of shares and aggressive investors such as hedge funds.
Improving IR Efforts.
This is used to arrange IR events, such as roadshow set-up, investor day, and investor conference calls.
Peer Holdings Comparison.
Knowing who your shareholders will better equip you to make an accurate outreach to potential shareholders.