Alpha Advisory Associates, Inc. was formed in 2012 by Julian Cassells. After the Altman Group exited the Shareholder Identification and Global Proxy Solicitation business in mid-2011, the Colgate University alum set out on her own. Cassells was joined by senior level executives from the former Altman division, as the passion and drive to provide very high level service offerings remained.

Each member of the team brings a minimum of seven years of experience, having served a prestigious roster of corporate clients throughout Europe, Asia, and Emerging Markets, including familiar household names and members of the CAC 40, DAX 30, NIKKEI 225, and TWSE.

This team of industry experts and experienced professionals will apply their extensive knowledge of institutional investor identification, voting guidelines, and historical voting patterns to assist clients in preparing for meetings and determining optimal strategies for proxy solicitation campaigns as well as enhancing their investor relations efforts.